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Venezuela and Turkey Advance Bilateral Cooperation Program

Venezuela and Turkey Advance Bilateral Cooperation Program

Representatives from the two nations met in Caracas on Tuesday to further cooperation in the fields of tourism, investment and air transport.

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The Minister of People’s Power for Tourism, Alí Padrón, held a meeting on Tuesday with the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Venezuela, Şevki Mütevellioğlu, and the Vice Minister of International Tourism and President of Venezolana de Turismo S.A. (Venetur), Leticia Gómez.

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Turkey Will Continue to Support President Maduro and Venezuela

The nations’ authorities’ objective was to advance in matters of pandemic tourism and concretize the subscription of the Bilateral Cooperation Program between both countries

Sostuvimos fructífera reunión de trabajo en la @embajadacaracas , con el Excelentísimo Embajador de la República de Turquía, Şevki Mütevellioğlu @sevki_m , y la viceministra de Turismo Internacional y presidenta de @Venetur_oficial , Leticia Gómez @legomezvenetur


— Alí Padrón (@Alipadron6) April 6, 2021 Through his Twitter account, the Tourism Minister said that they agreed to work together to promote nature tourism and sun and beach destinations as a strategy to increase the influx of tourists and Turkish investors in Venezuela during the meeting

In this sense, he added: “…taking advantage of our air connectivity and the opportunity to connect to Asian and European markets, Venezuela Open to the Future!