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Mickele Allen, Dog Attack Victim, Doing Well After First Surgery In New York

Doctors at Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, New York treating five year-old Mickele Allen who was mauled by dogs in St D’Acre, St Ann, on November 15, say he will have to undergo skin graft and reconstructive surgeries.

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Mickele was flown to New York on Friday for emergency surgery.

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Eyewitness News in New York reported on the child’s condition on Monday and interviewed Dr Evan Garfein, chief of plastic surgery at the hospital, after a nine-hour long surgery to begin the process of reconstruction.

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Dr Garfein reported that the dog attack on the child had resulted in “about fifty to sixty per cent of his scalp torn away, most of his forehead, his left ear, part of his left cheek.”

Mickele will have to undergo many more procedures before his recovery is complete, but according to his mother, the child is already rebounding from the ordeal.

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“I saw him this morning and he’s recuperating very fast; he’s eating, he’s talking; he’s just amazing,” she said of her child

She expressed heartfelt gratitude to Dr Garfein, the rest of the medical and support teams for their help